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About Gangaa Jal

Basic skin care products are for everyday use. Think if these daily use products are loaded with chemicals and preservatives – Would you want to buy them to rub your skin or your baby’s skin every morning and evening?

In fact in today’s time, the daily use natural, organic product like soaps, creams, toners, lotions, moisturisers, oils etc.  often majorly contains synthetics. This is only because the consumer reads the front of the product and do not bother to go through the ingredients labelled on the back side of the product. Hence, buys a wrong product in the name of natural and organic.

The skin care law are equally responsible as we still use the decades old British time law which has not been amended at the pace chemicals have been introduced in the skin care industry.

So GANGAAJAL soaps was thought and created with a vision by a conscious mom looking at the need of a clean, easy to understand ingredients of the product, natural and effective skin care products completely free from chemicals for daily use.

We at GangaaJal want every consumer to know before buying – what they are going to apply on their skin?

And when millions of voices will demand change in skin care laws, the laws in time to come  will surely be consumer friendly skin care laws.

Purity is our soul driven founding principle

Chemicals once considered SAFE like parabens are unsafe now. Any chemical is chemical hence we do not use them.
Beautiful colours like red, green, purple, blue, pink, yellow can only be obtained by synthetics. We make soaps for cleansing and not for attract & sell factor.
Aroma in the product is derived from ingredients used in the product making. Parfum is a dangerous chemical and we don’t use it.
Product ingredient are 100% biodegradable. We do not use plastic bottles/tubes or jars to sell/retail our products.
Soap is always made with oils and caustic soda with no synthetics. An ancient technique that is in use since the 13th century.
All ingredients used in the making of the product are listed on product in common parlance for customer’s better understanding.

Ingredients & Making of the Product



Driven by the purity principle, Gangaa Jal products decided not only to make products..

Cold-Pressed Oils

Cold pressing the nuts and seeds to extract their oil is an ages-old method.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are made from plant produce like leaf, flowers, stems, bark, gum/resins, roots etc.

Making of the Product

Each product composition is formulated keeping in view the various skin tones.

Skincare Times

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How We Began

Growing chemicals/synthetics in skincare products are causing health concerns in human being. And a mother when could not find a truly clean skincare Read More..

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